How to Get the Perfect Glow for Independence Day Without Hurting Your Skin

People around a dinner table How to Get the Perfect Glow for Independence Day Without Hurting Your Skin

What to Know About Tanning Properly

Healthy Skin Is Beautiful

When many of us think about the Fourth of July, we think of getting together with our friends and families for barbeques and fireworks. These outdoor activities are times when we’re letting our skin show to keep our bodies cool. To keep looking cool as well, we want our skin to be bright and attractive, and this can be achieved without the damaging effects of the sun or a UV-light bed. A tan isn’t the only way to have glowing skin this summer!

Avoid Sun Damage

The sun and tanning beds are the leading causes of skin cancer, so tanning should be avoided as an intentional activity. A tan is actually a sign of damage rather than healthiness, which would be more attributed to vitamin D production than the sun’s UV rays, the cause of cancerous skin cell growth. Tans have always been a fashion statement, but embracing your skin’s baseline health for smooth fullness will always look better and keep longer than a tan.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized and Hydrated

In addition to the risk of melanoma or other types of skin cancer, tanning dehydrates your skin over the long term, leading to wrinkles and potentially mole development or discoloration. Using a moisturizer with an SPF will help your skin stay hydrated and looking full. Well-hydrated skin also turns over dead cells more evenly than dry skin, showing the new, fresh layer underneath.

Drinking water is an important way to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. When we drink enough water, our blood circulates better and can deliver oxygen, nutrients, and immune responses throughout the body. In addition to plenty of water, eating lots of vegetables while avoiding too many sugars keeps blood glucose levels low, and less sebum is created to clog our pores.

Exfoliating Dead Skin

Exfoliation is another basic skincare step that will keep your skin glowing not only in the summer, but year-round by removing dull, dead skin cells. Skin, like all living things, needs to breathe, so regularly removing surface-level buildup will help the process of even cell renewal. Chemical peels are effective treatments that can be customized to your needs, whether that is deep work or just superficial cleanup. The summer gives us time to relax and socialize, but that time off can also be used for recovery from treatments in between group events.


If you want to look tanned without risking damage to your skin, there are creams and makeups that can provide some light color. One of the most important things about self-tanning and coloring is to make it look natural, so start off lightly and repeat until you reach the level of color you’re looking for.

You Don’t Have to Be Sunned to Shine

Healthy skin will glow at any shade! You can protect your skin and still have an attractive radiance from your health and confidence in your appearance. For a consultation on your skin type, or for any cosmetic treatments that might enhance your look for this summer’s activities, schedule an appointment today with one of our dermatologists!

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